Rick Adrion
James Allan
Emery Berger
Yuriy Brun
Lori Clarke
Mark Corner
Bruce Croft
Yanlei Diao
Deepak Ganesan
Arjun Guha
Amir Houmansadr
Jim Kurose
Brian Levine
Alexandra Meliou
Gerome Miklau
Eliot Moss
Leon Osterweil
Prashant Shenoy
Don Towsley
V. Arun
Rui Wang
Chip Weems
Jack Wileden
ALI: Architecture & Language Implementation
CNRG: Computer Networks Research Group
DBLab: Database and Information Management Lab
Forensics: The Commonwealth Center for Forensics & Society
IRLab: Information Retrieval Lab
LASER: Lab for Advanced Software Engineering Research
LASS: Lab for Advanced Software Systems
PLASMA: Programming Languages & Systems at Massachusetts
Security @ UMass CS
SENSORS: Wireless Sensor Network Research Group
SUMA (Sp.): (1) the sum; (2) the essence, the most important part; (3) Systems at UMass Amherst.